Bloom Where You Are Planted

As we move from spring to summer the days have become longer allowing us to explore our surroundings.  Recently I had the opportunity to visit Zion National Park.  What a wonder to see such beauty!  Hiking Angel’s Landing was absolutely astounding.  The majestic mountains, waterfalls, streams, and plants blooming in the rocks were all astonishingly beautiful.  As we hiked the trail, we saw nature’s resiliency and tenacity in action; plants and trees fighting for a foot-hold in the rock, just as we were fighting to hold on to the rock!  Nature has a way of showing us how we can live our lives.  Life sometimes brings challenges that seem unbearable, and the way forward is not always obvious; we feel like we are hanging on by a thread.  Another beauty was a cactus in full bloom emerging from the rocks.  Yep, cactus has thorns, but in the midst of those thorns the cactus has beautiful flowers and often times fruit.  I think our challenge is to find the flowers and fruit in spite of our environment, and our challenging times.  Hang on to that thread, because we may not realize the opportunities that lie ahead if we can’t hold on tightly.  I’m grateful for my clients as they share their stories of endurance and survival.  I’m lucky that I can associate a specific and inspiring example of strength and fortitude with each of my clients.  My goal and inspiration is to stretch and to keep focus on the things that are important in life, including service to my clients, love of family, and to bloom where I am planted!

“Having the courage to follow your heart and intuition.  They somehow know what you truly want to become.”
–Steve Jobs–

By a Thread



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