Be Awesome!

Time truly does fly by!  I cannot believe we are approaching spring of 2015 already!  Seems like we just celebrated this New Year and here we are enjoying the beauty of Spring.  Tente Bella Cose!  That is Italian for “May all good things come your way”.  As time moves faster and faster I find myself needing to stop procrastinating and get up and DO, so those good things can come my way.  We all dream of how we want our lives to go in our relationships, health, career, etc. but like John Lennon said  “Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see………..” .  So to have a clearer picture, with no misunderstandings, I guess it’s better to approach each and every day with our eyes wide open.  A good friend of mine says to pay attention, he does a good job of that and he can often say that life is better than he deserves.  It is because his eyes are open and he is paying attention.  But that is not all; he will get up and DO.  Taking the time to know what it is you want in this beautiful life is probably a good place to start, along with being grateful for everything (even challenges because they help us grow).  Having a plan, staying focused (watch your thoughts), being realistic, take time to laugh out loud, enjoying every moment, so we can wake up and be awesome!  For the rest of 2015 my challenge to myself is to be able to wake up and be awesome in every way possible.

May All Good Things Come Your Way!  (And Be Awesome!)

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. Mark Twain



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