A Little About Leslie

Well, here goes, just a little about me….

I have practiced hair and beauty for 22 years, and yes, time flies when you are having fun!   I enjoy spending quality time with each of my clients.  I also enjoy hearing what is on your mind and what is happening in your life, as well as creating an individual look that works for you.

I am the proud mother of four successful young men and am blessed with seven grandchildren.  I draw tremendous energy and spirituality from my family and enjoy hearing about your families as well.  I love the Tucson desert and am proud to be a native Tucsonan.  In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, hiking, dancing, county living and spending time with friends, family and trusted four-legged companions Oso and Brandy.  My life’s goal is to aim for and attain a positive work-life balance.

Continuing education is very important to me.  Color techniques and styling solutions keep changing.  Styles in hair and coloring constantly evolve and nothing is so constant as change in my field.  Keeping up with the latest techniques in coloring, cutting and styling, as well as product formulations is a never-ending endeavor, and one that I really enjoy.  I follow and support trends towards natural products and holistic health and wellness. My aim is to integrate these trends into my beauty practice for the benefit and well-being of my clients.

I believe in using natural products that nourish hair and skin.  Over the last 15 years I have embraced Eufora as a company and a line of hair care products and firmly believe in their mission to provide natural, best-of-class hair and skin care formulations. Their high grade aloe-vera, botanical and essential oil based products will leave you feeling pampered, luxurious and confident.

Bella Mente (“beautiful mind”) is a serenely pleasant setting where together friends can share and create a beautifying and relaxing experience.  Please drop by just to say hello, and visit over a cup of tea or expresso……

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