Protect your Hair from Sun Damage

Here in sunny Tucson, we sure enjoy our warm sunny days. I could not see myself in a cloudy environment. Sun protection should happen year round, but this time of year when the sun is so intense, we could take extra precautions to prevent damage to our hair and skin. Remembering our hats,light long-sleeve shirts, and sunscreen helps protect or skin. The hat helps protect the hair as well.

There are some wonderful tools for the hair from Eufora: Hydration Leave-In Conditioner, Sculpture Styling Gel, and Elevate Hair Spray are good for sun protection. Applying Hydration Leave-In Conditioner before a swim will also prevent excess chlorine from getting in the hair shaft. Studies show that with unprotected UV exposure, the scales pull away from the hair shaft, which makes hair brittle. These styling aids and conditioners will help coat the hair and give it some protection.

Be careful with cheap sunblock products on your face because they usually contain PABA. The cinnamates and salicylates, which absorb in the top layers of the skin and become oxidized by UV, creating a chemical reaction that can irritate the skin. Try a sunblock with titanium dioxide as an active ingredient. This is a natural mineral that forms a barrier between the sun and your skin.

Enjoy your carefree summer days! Come on into Bella Mente Studio for an urgent repair conditioning treatment, which will put moisture into your hair and revitalize your scalp. This summer, I am offering this treatment to my clients for just $25. I will style your hair with Eufora Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner and Sculpture Styling Gel for added UV protection!

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